Empsons use Accoya for all aspects of external joinery.


Empsons use Accoya for all aspects of external joinery. Extensive laboratory and field testing by leading institutes around the world (including in New Zealand, USA, UK, Sweden, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Japan) has shown the performance of acetylated wood to be extremely reliable.

Accoya® wood has been thoroughly tested for dimensional stability, durability, paint retention and in-ground conditions to ensure optimal performance. Indeed, it is so reliable that for many years it has been – and continues to be – used by scientists as the benchmark against which other treatments and modifications are measured.



Certified wood sourcing


Wood from well managed sources is a natural, renewable solution for global environmental problems such as climate change, ecosystem destruction and landscape deterioration caused by increasing consumption. Besides forming a natural ecological habitat, forests are actually an important carbon sink by filtering CO2 out of the air and absorbing this in the biomass of the tree. In the case of responsible management, it is actually advised to harvest as much wood as sustainable for production of durable products such as furniture or construction products, which act as additional carbon stores while providing the forest the opportunity to regenerate and produce new biomass (acting as new carbon sink).

However, supplies of certified slow growing tropical hardwoods suitable for outdoor use are limited, resulting in illegal logging which, in turn, leads to the deforestation of tropical rainforests. While in the tropical regions deforestation is still continuing, in temperate regions such as in Europe and North America the net forest area has been increasing steadily for several decades.

To produce Accoya only abundantly available wood species are being used from certified, sustainably managed forests and plantations, including FSC®, PEFC and other regionally certified woods. Therefore all Accoya is compliant with the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) as well as the Lacey Act, and therefore responsible production is guaranteed.

Fast growing softwood species such as Radiata Pine are primarily used to produce Accoya®. Considering the increasing pressure on available resources, the use of wood species that produce larger volumes of wood over the same time span for the same area of land offers obvious environmental advantages.


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