Hardwood - From the forest floors of Europe, UK and USA

Hardwood is naturally more durable as it comes from slow-growing, broad-leaved trees, which means the timber has a higher density than softwoods.

In more temperate climates, hardwoods tend to be mostly deciduous, while in the tropics and subtropics they are mostly evergreen. Hardwoods are suitable for a large range of applications including; construction, joinery, flooring and decking. Empsons works closely with suppliers to ensure only the highest quality hardwoods are available.

We stock an extensive range of Hardwoods specially selected to suit the British climate and the most common range of hardwood uses in this country. Our Hardwood is selected from various suppliers all from ethical sources and all over the world.

We bring your ideas to life – delivering the whole process first time, on time.


Empsons use Accoya for all aspects of external joinery. Extensive laboratory and field testing by leading institutes around the world (including in New Zealand, USA, UK, Sweden, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Japan).

Being Environmentally Friendly

Increasingly producers and customers alike have become more aware of their responsibility to ensure all products we use are sourced legally and sustainable to produce.

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